I may have moved, but #SimpsonSt #SouthernBlvd raised me. I see you… @chief69bx excellent work 🔥 #fortApache #southbronx #thebronx #thebronxisbeautiful #bronx #bx High-res

I may have moved, but #SimpsonSt #SouthernBlvd raised me. I see you… @chief69bx excellent work 🔥 #fortApache #southbronx #thebronx #thebronxisbeautiful #bronx #bx

Street Harassment Is An LGBTQ Issue

NEW VIDEO: At This Years Pride NYC Parade, LGBTQ Folks Speak Up About Street Harassment!


11 Newspapers from Young Lords surface as El Barrio, NYC prepares to celebrate “Young Lords Way”

While Eric Garner’s death by an NYPD officer’s chokehold is disturbing, that high level of police brutality is all too common in communities like ours. Police brutality was one of the main issues the Young Lords fought against.

In honor of this weekend’s “Young Lords Way” Street naming in East Harlem, NYC, friend and supporter Tamara K. Nopper sent us 11 Young Lords bilingual newspapers from the 1970’s. While we don’t agree with everything said in the pages, they fought for the same basic level of respect, saftey and empowerment we desire today.

Eric Garner was not the 1st innocent person of color to be killed at the hands of the police. If we don’t remember our history, and take action, he will certainly not be the last. 

11 editions, all scanned into PDF’s (Here) 

The street naming will take place this Saturday
July 26th @ 1pm 
111th st & Lexington Avenue 

If you’d like to support our nationwide gentrification project, touching upon these issues and more, please do so below: (Link)

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Here is some recent news coverage on the beginnings of gentrification coming to the northwest Bronx:

Mom-and-pop stores across from the Kingsbridge Armory are getting iced out of biz (NY Daily News)

“That type of letter is not a renewed-lease-letter; it’s a put-people-out letter,” said Christian Ramos, the vice president of the Kingsbridge Road Merchants Association.

EXCLUSIVE: Amid Re-development of Kingsbridge Armory, Rents To Double For Some In August (Norwood News)

“It’s frustrating. You don’t know if you’re coming or going,” said Bass, who feels as though it’s a type of legal eviction. “That’s just giving us three weeks to increase our rent, make a decision, get out, stay. This is really horrible. And these are families trying to stay.”

BREAKING: Rent hikes near Kingsbridge Armory threaten local businesses (BX Times)

The world’s largest ice rink complex is coming — but many local businesses likely won’t be there to see it.

WATCH: Kingsbridge Road shops face increased rent, possible closure amid building of ice skating center (News 12 The Bronx)

Tenants say a new landlord is starting to double their rents because the Kingsbridge Armory is reopening as a huge ice skating center in a few years, and property values are already starting to skyrocket.

This is what we’re doing to stop it: People Power Movement Fighting Gentrification in the Bronx